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Kirkwood’s session includes three classes of ruling elders, who are ordained laypeople with responsibility for leadership, governance, spiritual discernment, and discipline.  Each class is elected for a three-year term. See below for the elders' class years and assignments.

Left to right are (top row) Judy Williams, Catherine Renken, Gayle Sandlin, Arlene Ghee; (second row) Joseph Quattlebaum, Jesse Brown, Ron Lewis, Ed Reeves; (bottom row) Alan Berg, Mike Atkinson, Pat Kahnle, and Kathryn Gaylord-Miles.

Class of 2021

Mike Atkinson, Administration and Stewardship

Alan Berg, Finance and Stewardship

Pat Kahnle, Nurture

Ed Reeves, Christian Education

Class of 2022

Jesse Brown, Property

Arlene Ghee, Youth and Promise House

Gayle Sandlin, Clerk

Judy Williams, Congregational Care

Class of 2023

Ron Lewis, Outreach and Christian Education

Kathryn Gaylord-Miles, Membership and Communications

Joseph Quattlebaum, Worship

The Rev. Catherine Renken, Kirkwood pastor, serves as session moderator.

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